You garrote an adjacent creature's mind and controls its actions while your own body lies dormant.

Mental attack versus creature with a mind
Cooldown: 75 rounds
Duration: 100 rounds (+100 rounds per level)
Range: 1


The friendliness of a creature does not change by dominating it.  For example, a dominated snapjaw can walk freely among other snapjaws. 

You can dominate a Beguiled or proselytized ally and then manipulate its inventory; this lets you equip it with weapons, armor, light sources and so on. It also lets you use it as a packhorse, grabbing and dropping items to move more than you could otherwise carry.

If an ally has gained levels since joining you, it will have also gained Mutation and skill points and possibly Attribute points as well, none of which it will normally spend. Domination allows you to spend all of them. If a creature gains four levels (and therefore four mutation points), you can even buy it a new mutation.

Some creatures even start with skills which they won't normally use on your behalf even when friendly; for instance, Watervine farmers have the Harvest skill, and can be made to use it to collect food.

You gain xp for what a dominated creature kills.

Finally, you can use a dominated creature to explore or even adventure at a distance at almost no risk to yourself. Terminating the domination will always bring back the creature; even if it dies, you lose no more than a replaceable ally and whatever it was carrying (which is dropped and can be later collected.)


Dominating a neutral target can release your beguiled pet.  There may be other situations like that to watch out for.

Since a dominated hostile is technically still hostile to you, your beguiled pet will attack it (as will other things that would attack it normally.)

Dominated creatures do not gain xp while dominated; you will gain xp, but they will not, which means that if you constantly use dominated allies to adventure safely at a distance, you will eventually have to find more powerful allies, since the ones you are using will not grow in strength.