Dismember is a skill in the Axe group.

The item mod serrated adds a 3% chance to dismember to a weapon (axes and long blades).

Dismembered body parts count as 5 lb corpses, that can be eaten to sate hunger, and can sometimes be more filling than the creature it was removed from. It has good synergy with the Ravenous physical defect.

Dismemberable Limbs Edit

  • Faces, which give a +1 Ego or more when worn and a large negative reputation with the face's faction
  • The usual legs and arms of creatures
  • Seed Spitter's seed pod, a cheap rifle until it runs out of seeds.
  • Laser Turret's laser rifle
  • Chaingun Turret's chaingun
  • Leering Stalker's cannon, which can be disassembled to get a AI Microcontrollers bit (7).
  • Robot limbs may be disassembled for (D).

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