Skill DescriptionEdit

You chill a nearby area with your mind.

Cooldown: 50 rounds
Range: 8
Area: 3x3
Round 1 Damage: 1d2 divided by 2 (2d2 at mutation level 2, etc.)
Round 2 Damage: 1d3 divided by 2 (2d3 at mutation level 2, etc.)
Round 3 Damage: 1d4 divided by 2 ((2d4 at mutation level 2, etc.)


Cryokinesis deals decent amounts of damage in an area; while its damage is lower than Pyrokinesis, it also immobilizes many enemies and, perhaps more importantly, it won't spread beyond the point where you target it -- this might limit its destructive power slightly, but it's generally an advantage, since unconstrained fire has a tendency to destroy things you might have wanted for yourself.

With Clairvoyance, it can be targeted through walls, at least within the limits of its range.


Although it won't spread like Pyrokinesis, It will still damage and destroy objects on the ground in its targeted area, sometimes destroying loot dropped by enemies it kills.  Additionally, if combined with Temporal Fugue, there is a serious danger of getting damaged by your own clones due to its area of effect.

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