This is the page for the mutation titled Confusion. For more details on the status effect, see Confused.

Skill DescriptionEdit

You confuse nearby enemies. [NOTE: Confusion is not completely implemented at the moment]

Affected creatures act semi-randomly and receive a -3 penalty to their mental abilities. (-1 per mutation level)
Cooldown: 40 rounds
Range: 8
Area: 3x3
Duration: 6d3 rounds (+d3 per mutation level)


  • Confused enemies may attack one another or blunder into dangerous terrain
  • Effective at minimizing ranged attackers' ability to focus fire on you
  • Capable of severely disrupting tightly-clumped groups of dangerous enemies
  • Useful when trying to escape from many types of creatures
  • Reduces mental resistance of affected targets, making them more susceptible to mental attacks like Domination and Sunder Mind.


  • May be annoying to use for melee-oriented characters, since targets will wander around erratically
  • Little to no direct offensive utility; must be used in conjunction with other tactics to be fully effective
  • Highly random in nature and may not always produce the desired effect

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