"This blade is bowed and black as the desert night. The hilt is inscribed with gold, calligraphic glyphs."

Ceremonial Vibrokhopesh
Coq ceremonialvibrokhopesh

Max PV





5 lbs


Penetration Value is equal to the defender's Armor Value

Skill: Long blades

Notes Edit

Dropped by Saad Amus The Sky-Bear (or from one of his clones, which can be found in the underground at random.) Functions similarly to the Vibro Blade in that it ignores armor value, but it deals slightly higher damage and does not need to be charged with an energy cell to work.

It is very useful weapon for any character to have as it lets you dig through walls and doors with ease and makes dealing with high AV enemies a lot simpler.

The weapon is extremely valuable to anyone who lacks strength; even with moderate strength it is extremely powerful, since the way AC vs. PV is calculated means that matching your opponent's AC (which it always does) will mean you usually do x2 or x3 damage. This allows characters to become reasonably dangerous in melee combat against almost all opponents with minimal investment.

Characters with extremely high strength, however, may prefer to carry an alternative sword for use against lightly-armored enemies, since the Vibrokhopesh's damage increment (while high) is not quite as high as the very top-tier materials, while its ability to equal the enemy's AC means that it can't hit a damage multiplier above x3.

Tinkers should note that the Ceremonial Vibrokhopesh is very easy to modify, requiring only low-level bits. In particular, those who lack both Strength and Dexterity can still become a powerful melee combatant by counterweighting it, adding elemental modifications to further boost its damage output, and wielding it in Duelist Stance.

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