Shields and bucklers apply their AV to your total only upon a successful block, which requires having the Shield skill. However, the DV penalty from carrying a shield is applied at all times. Equipping multiple shields gives a separate chance to block with each, but you'll only get the AV bonus from the best shield you block with.

Bucklers can be equipped on your arms, while Shields will take up a hand slot.

Shields are useless without the appropriate Shield skills. Please remember to purchase shield skills to gain any benefits from equipping these items!

List of Bucklers Edit

Name AV DV Weight
Iron Buckler 2 -3 9
Steel Buckler 2 -1 8
Wooden Buckler 1 -1 5
Stopsvalinn 3 0 5

List of Shields Edit

Name                AV DV Weight
Steel Shield 3 -2 12
Carbide Shield 4 -3 14
Eyeless Crab Shell 4 -3 19
Fullerite Aegis 5 -4 20

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