Rifles are two handed ranged weapons that provide increased penetration and damage over pistols. Rifles can be disassembled for bits and built by tinkering. Most rifles can also be used to create Turrets.


  • Musket: PV 8. Damage 1d8. Ammo Capacity [1]
  • Desert Rifle: PV 9. Damage 1d8. Ammo Capacity [6]
  • Carbine: PV 9. Damage 1d8. Ammo Capacity [24]. Shoots 3 times
  • Sniper Rifle: PV 11. Damage 1d8. Ammo Capacity [1]
  • Chaingun: PV 8. Damage: 1d6- Ammo Capacity [42]. Shoots 6 times
  • Laser Rifle: PV 9. Damage 1d12. Ammo Capacity [Energy Cell]
  • Eigenrifle: PV 12. Damage 1d12. Ammo Capacity [Energy Cell]
  • Phase Cannon: PV. 16 Damage 4d12. Ammo Capacity [Energy Cell]
  • Freeze Ray: Damage 1d4. creates extreme cold. Ammo Capacity [Energy Cell] 
  • Seed Spit: PV 6. Damage 1d3. Used by Seed Spitting Vines, does not need ammo 




Heavy weapons

  • Grenade Launcher: Ammo capacity [1]
  • Missile Launcher: Ammo Capacity [1]
  • Flamethrower: Ammo Capacity [32 drams]
  • Blast Cannon: PV 16 Damage 1d10, no ammo needed, similar to Stunning Force mutation, used by Leering Stalkers
  • Swarm Rack: Used by Chrome Pyramids, no ammo needed, fires multiple rockets
  • Arc Cannon: Used by Arcwyrk, no ammo needed, fires a bolt of electricity

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