Cudgels cover the full range of blunt weapons from weak staffs to mighty mauls.

Standard one-handed cudgel tiers

All Two-handed Cudgels have 1 PV more than their one-handed counterparts that does not depend on strength.

Two-handed Cudgel tiers

Exotic, Unusual, Uncategorized

  • Stun Rod: Max PV 8. Damage 1d2. Special: Can stun on hit when powered.
  • Prayer Rod: Max PV 12. Damage 0. Special: 1d5+7 electrical damage. Can stun on hit when powered.
  • Amber-Tipped Staff : Max PV 9. Damage 3d2. Special: +1 To-Hit.
  • Grandfather Horn: Max PV 9. Damage 2d2+1. Produces a wide-area fear effect when sounded by a Goatfolk.
  • Troll Hammer: Max PV 12. Damage 2d3.
  • Nanopneumatic Jackhammer: Max PV 9. Damage 2d4. Special: Can break down walls when powered.
  • Fist of the Ape God: No max PV. Damage 6d2. Special: +4 Ego, +3 To-Hit.
  • Billowing Conch of the Aji: Max PV 9. Damage 2d2. Special: Only available to the Fuming God-Child. Produces a random gas when activated.