This page lists the books found in Caves of Qud.

Books are a type of item.  Most of them are randomly generated and placed, such as the Frivolous Lives books, but others appear in fixed locations, like The Canticles Chromatic Verses XVII-XXVI, which the zealot in Joppa always has, or the Corpus Choliys, which is always held by Mayor Nuntu. Randomly generated books have a white title, but intentionally created books have a yellow title, and green books are cookbooks that let you learn recipes by flipping though its pages.

They provide no advantage in combat or exploration, containing nothing but lore. They are still useful as trade goods, having a low weight and high value or alternatively you gift them to Sheba Hagadias at the Six Day Stilt for some insightful commentary (Experience points).   Additionally, there are some randomly-generated books found on places like the bookshelf in Barathrum the Old's study.