Artifacts are forgotten objects of a previous civilization.

Most Artifacts can be disassembled for Bits or created if the player has discovered the appropriate tinkering blueprints or Data Disk.

Unknown Artifacts will appear as "Weird Artifacts" and must be examined before they can fully used. Examining an artifact may break it, depending on your intelligence.

Sometime when you examine a very strange artifact, you can identify it only partially. This may happen in this chain. This could depend on your intelligence level.

Weird artifact-> pistol-> laser pistol

Weird artifact-> club-> musket

Most item types have some artifacts among them, including Weapons, Armor, Tonics, and more.

"Artifacts are items so technologically complex that few of Qud's denizens
understand them. An unidentified artifact will appear to you as a
"Weird Artifact". You may examine an artifact to try to identify it. If you
are successful, you will narrow down the possibilities of that artifact's
function (what was once a "club", for example, you may now identify as a
"rifle"). Eventually you may completely identify the artifact. Each time
you attempt to identify something and fail, however, there is a small
chance you will break it. Your chance of successfully identifying an
artifact is based on your intelligence score."


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