Skill DescriptionEdit

You engender spontaneous plant growth in a nearby area hindering your enemies.

Cooldown: 105 rounds (-10 per mutation level)

Range: 8

Area: 3x3


With high ego, it's possible to get the cooldown on this skill down to 5 rounds. With a high enough willpower, this can actually be reduced to 1 round, meaning that this skill can be used every other round, allowing rapid deployment of a leafy army.

Can be coupled with force bubble, force wall, or wings to keep the player safe while the plants do the dirty work.  Alternatively, if used with Clairvoyance or some similar effect, it can be targeted through walls, allowing you to attack enemies without exposing yourself to danger.

It also pairs well with Harvestry to provide food while wandering the Salt Desert and materials for certain tonics.

Finally, unlike most other powers, the plants last forever if not destroyed; this allows large amounts of plants to be deployed as a trap which you later lead enemies into.


The long cooldown in the early levels makes this skill relatively weak in the early game.  At later levels, it scales poorly; it will continue to produce a lot of relatively useless plants like Qudzu and Jilted Lovers that aren't very effective against high-level monsters.

Dreadroots created by this power will still inflict fear on the player. 

If you use Temporal Fugue, your clones will spawn plants that are friendly to them but hostile to you.

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