"A fist-sized snail shell coiled in soft spirals. It is blackened with soot and stinks of sulfur."

Skill: Cudgel

Starting equipment for the Fuming God-Child Caste. It is unique to them, and cannot be obtained in any other way.

Notes Edit

  • When this item is used (either from the "Manage Abilities" menu or from the inventory) it will create a cloud of random gas, which will emanate from your character over the next few turns. Using it does not end your turn; this also means that the gas won't start to appear until you do something else.
  • The conch has a cooldown of about a hundred turns. It must be equipped to be used; if you remove it, it'll have to cooldown for this long after being equipped before you can use it.
  • If you remove the conch while it is producing gas, it will pause its emanations, and resume with the same type of gas as soon as you equip it again. This can be use to control what sort of gas you get, or to cancel an unwanted type - activate it, and if it's something you want to save for later or something you don't want right now, remove it. Later on, you can equip it and the paused gas will resume.
  • You are not protected from the gas the conch releases (and it will always center on you, emitting from your location.) Therefore, it's important to wear a Vinewood Sap Mask or Gas Mask when using it, or to get skills and equipment that protect against things like poison, stunning, and acid. If it produces a type of gas that you're not protected from, remember that you can immediately halt its production by unequipping it.
  • The conch functions in any equipment slot, whether it's your main hand, your off hand, or even your thrown slot. This allows it to be used with any sort of weapon. Actually throwing it, however, is not generally useful; if you do so while it's sounding, it will simply pause the gas production until you retrieve it and equip it again.