Bethesda Susa is located north of Grit Gate and is an important location for the quest Decoding the Signal
Bethesda Susa on world map

Bethesda Susa is deceptively dangerous. With caution, good play and some luck, it should be beatable around level 18, but 20+ is recommended. There are many ways for a good character to suddenly die after being lulled into a false sense of security by a few easy fights. 

Depth and ConnectionsEdit

Upon entering Bethesda Susa, you'll be in the Ruined Wharf. Below lie several levels of Healing Pools, where you will face a series of bosses. Then you enter the wards: the Abandoned Ward, then Ruined Wards, then the "Cryobarrio" on floors 14 and 15, and the Baetyl is located on the 16th and final floor. The Alchemist is available in the Ruined Wards, and Cybernetics can be obtained on the level above the Cyrobarrio.


As Otho tells you, "freezing vapor billows out of the chambers freely, cooling the entire cavern. You will want to procure warm clothing to protect yourself." His advice is very important! The bitter cold in the lower floors of Bethesda Susa will reduce your temperature below 0, causing progressively more severe penalties to your Quickness based on how cold you are. Your Quickness determines how frequently you get to take turns, so unless you want the dangerous robots in Bethesda Susa (who are unaffected by cold) to act significantly more often than you do, bundle up with ape fur and elastyne equipment to increase your cold resistance.

Be careful of the floor spike traps. They do a lot more damage here than the old ones in Red Rock. You can press the "s" button to Search the squares around you for Lurking Beths; they usually spawn in tight clusters, so if you step on one, you can staunch the bleeding and then search around to find the other ones nearby. There is usually a cluster near any luminous hoarshroom you see. You can also hold ctrl+move to attack a square before you step into it, which will attack one even if it is hidden.

On the second floor of "cryobarrio", on floor 15, the juicing cannibal has a loaded missile launcher.  The missiles he fires can break the cryopods and unleash the creatures contained within.  The creatures in those pods are MUCH more powerful than anything else in Bethesda Susa, so try to avoid positions where stray missiles will release the frozen monsters. Do not let him blast Saad Amus the Sky-Bear free, unless you feel like facing a nightmarishly powerful optional superboss who can chase you at literally infinite speed and brutally murder you using every sword skill in the game. The Rhinox and Yempuris Phi can also spell trouble if allowed to escape.

If you get into real trouble, Don't forget you have a recoiler!


General Dangers