This mutation costs 3 Mutation Points.

Skill DescriptionEdit

You beguile a nearby creature into serving you loyally.

Mental attack versus creature with a mind

Coodown: 50 rounds

Range: 1

Beguiled creature: +5 bonus hitpoints (+5 per mutation level)

May only beguile creatures level 5 or lower (+5 per mutation level)


Beguiling can be very powerful. Not only does the enslaved creature fight to defend you, it won't fight back when attacked, meaning that a successful beguiling attempt allows you to kill the enslaved creature without risk.

Unsuccessful attempts to beguile a creature will anger the creature but will not reset the cooldown, so you can keep trying indefinitely. This combines well with the Wings mutation.

Successful beguiling attempts will not anger nearby peaceful NPCs. Unsuccessful attempts will. Killing a beguiled creature will not anger nearby NPCs, even if they would have jumped in to defend the victim before you beguiled it.

In an emergency, a character with strong Ego and a high level in Beguiling can use it like an "instant kill" melee-range nuke by automatically turning an incredibly dangerous enemy into a loyal ally.

If you also have Domination, you can use it to control your Beguiled minion and access its skills and inventory. You can make your pet bear wear heavy armour, and if it gains levels while adventuring with you, you can have it learn skills and even develop new mutations. Beguiling a tool-using creature (like a humanoid NPC or an albino ape) even lets you Dominate your new ally into wielding powerful weapons that you find.

At 3 MP, this is a relatively cheap mutation, especially for how useful it can be.

Beguiling "stacks" with Proselytize; a character with both Beguiling and Proselytize will be able to have two followers at once. Sometimes, your followers might continue to attack each other after you tame a new one; leaving the area will make them stop.

Beguiled or proselytized allies can be gifted to receive reputation with otherwise hostile faction leaders and heroes.


Beguiled creatures seem to eventually stop assisting and can turn hostile without warning; this may be a bug.

Enslaving multiple creatures will generally result in all of them showing as "friendly" but only the most recently beguiled creature will follow the player - the other creatures will revert to their pre-Beguiling level of hostility.

Beguiled creatures are not especially clever, and may decide to charge at a chaingun turret over open ground or engage a sleeping Slumberling in combat. They therefore have a tendency to die unexpectedly, so be prepared to replace them now and then.

Only creatures that have minds can be Beguiled. Robots, oozes, etc are totally immune.

Finally, perhaps most importantly, beguiling is a close-range power and will operate only if you're immediately adjacent to your target; since it's not always successful, this requires exposing yourself to danger in order to use it.

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