"O, she doth pale red apples by her cheek!
That cheek which doth proclaim the rite of spring,
And heretofore hath nature's grand technique,
Ne'er ripened lips so red from which to sing.
Begone, false sun! I know thee for a fraud.
Her fairest skin illuminates the day.
All gold is brass and e'ery jewel is flawed,
When set beside the sums her eyes might pay.
The Spindle, which from Omonporch ascends,
Must surely be her likeness brightly wrought,
And as a likeness, fails to apprehend,
The artless beauty that its makers sought.
Did I know love or beauty? No, for shame!
For I knew neither till they spoke her name."

Apple farmer's daughter lives with her father on their farm. Whenever the player first examines her (by using the "Look" option - hot-key "L"), his character will immediately fall in love with her, and becomes Lovesick for a few days.

This can be problematic in some of the lower level randomly generated dungeons, where swarms of potentially hostile farmers and their daughters can sometimes be found.

She is apparently very shy, and if the player tries to talk to her a information will pop up, saying:

"The apple farmer's daughter shies away from you."


As of 28.12.16 game build, there is no option to speak with her or to give her anything via the "Offer Gift" option (she is not considered a faction leader and is not important enough).

Similarly, there is no option to interact with the Apple Farmers in any way regarding player's character's love for her.