Apostles rely on their ego bonus as well as skills in the Persuasion tree to make their way in Qud.


  • +2 Ego
  • Intimidate
  • Proselytize

Starting EquipmentEdit

  • Witchwood Wreath
  • Cloth Robe
  • Staff
  • Leather Moccasins
  • ~20 Unburned Torches
  • Various food items
  • 64 drams of water

Strategy Edit

  • Apostles make excellent Espers due to their Ego bonus.
  • Apostles' lack of heavy weaponry or armor at game start encourages a more hands-off approach to the early game. Consider Proselytizing watervine farmers and leading them to their bloody dooms in the Salt Marshes one by one until they or their targets drop a good array of kit for the player to use.

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