"Let the manes put off their terror, let them put off their aqueous bodies with fire. Let them draw together the bones of the metal. Selvaggia, Guiscarda, Mandetta, Rain flakes of gold on the water Azure and flaking silver of water, Pallor of silver, pale lustre of Latona, By these, from the malevolvence of the dew Guat this alembic. Elain, Tireis, Allodeta Quiet this metal." - Ezra Pound

Tips Edit

The Alchemist sells phials of most types of liquid (including cloning droughts and neutron flux!). 

The Alchemist does not appear to replenish his stock.  

The Alchemist can be found on Floor 8 (the bottom of the Ruined Wards) in Bethesda Susa.

There are rare accounts of the Alchemist getting into a violent disagreement with one of Bethesda Susa's other denizens, and deciding to resolve it via the judicious application of neutron flux. It is thus advisable to use caution when seeking this character out, and to eliminate any nearby hostile creatures before approaching to trade.