"Set in the middle of the great, white head of this ape are two red eyes that gleam with a savage intellect. Snowy white fur covers the ape's hulking frame. It lifts an enormous fist and beats its chest in fury as you approach." 

Notes Edit

Albino Apes are interested in Artifacts and occasionally spawn with them. They are typically not hostile and will often attack hostile monsters.

Albino Apes' attacks may daze or stun targets, similar to the effects of the Bludgeon cudgel skill. This can make them a particularly dangerous opponent if encountered as a group, since it can potentially enable them to stunlock a player character and beat them to death while they're helpless.

When killed, Albino Apes will drop an Albino Ape Pelt, and have a 10% chance to drop an Albino Ape Corpse. They will also drop whatever items (if any) they were holding.