This Mutation costs 4 Mutation Points

Skill DescriptionEdit

You regulate your body's release of adrenaline.

You can increase your adrenaline by up to five grades to increase your quickness, but comes with a chance that you will exhaust yourself. Additionally, there is an extra +5 quickness from having the mutation

Lvl Bonus (per stack) Chance (per stack)
1 +10 3%
2 +11 2.8%
3 +12 2.6%
4 +13 2.4%
5 +14 2.2%
6 +15 2%
7 +16 1.8%
8 +17 1.6%
9 +18 1.4%
10 +19 1.2%


  • The major advantage of increased quickness allows you to take more actions per turn than your enemies. This enables you to run away, heal, and attack more often.
  • Increasing or decreasing adrenaline is a free action


  • The Mutation costs 4 points
  • When you are exhausted you cannot take any actions until recovered, leaving you vunerable

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