The third volume about the land far accross the Great Salt Desert, or Moghra'yi. This volume focuses on the rise of the Esper, Freeman 0th, and the foundation of the city of the same name.

It covers 0th's rise as a rebel leader and self-styled prophet, as he attempted to free the indentured Espers of the freeholds. Eventually 0th ended up in a war against King Rhodos of the freehold of Perth. Despite taking some losses, 0th and his host ended up winning the war, slaying Rhodos, and capturing the city, which he thereafter renamed 0th, after himself.

In the last pages, it goes into detail on the society and government of 0th, as well as the vicious process of Stithening: introducing a parasitic worm to a host's brain, which, among many lesser problems, forces Espers to submit to the mysterious Elder Cant and venture into Moghra'yi towards Qud.

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